“The lush vocals of Brooklyn, NY musician Johnny Darlin slip into the eardrums of the listener early on in his single “Way With Words,” and with the assistance of sixties-styled vocal harmonies, delayed guitar licks, and a groovy drum beat create a sedating listening experience. The lounge-pop sound of Johnny Darlin is intriguing enough as it is, and yet the accompanying music video to the single adds another layer of interest for the listener—the setting of an Arkansas church, where Darlin entertains the devotees, is transformed into a bubbly dance dream to the sound of his baritone voice.”

The Deli Magazine

"A glamorous and heartfelt tribute to 80s glitter and self-love, Johnny Darlin is self-expression in its purest form."

Left Bank Magazine

"A sultry, glittering mashup of the two places [Johnny] considers most holy: the church and the gay nightclub."

Arkansas Times on the "Way With Words" music video

“Beautifully crafted and performed; but also important, moving and sassy - quite a feat!”

– Carole Wears, Co-Founder & Associate Director of the Prague Fringe Festival on Johnny Darlin: In the Closet, Prague Fringe Festival 2017

"BEST BET: Darlin’s pacing is seamless, his music is thoroughly sharp and fantastical, and his story is excellently balanced in all its forms. Before Johnny Darlin, I have not seen another performer so successfully claim queerness as subversive power. Here, queerness is strength and it is beautiful. It’s not a choice to make, but now it is a choice I would make."

- TheatreIsEasy on Johnny Darlin: In the Closet, New York Fringe Festival 2016


“Michael Doshier as Johnny Darlin is raw talent. His music is exhilarating and dance- inducing."

- TheatreInTheNow on Johnny Darlin: In the Closet, New York Fringe Festival 2016


"A riff on Hedwig with a Southern Baptist bent."

- GayCity News on Johnny Darlin: In the Closet, New York Fringe Festival 2016

GayCity News

"The music has a slutty gay disco vibe reminiscent of The Scissor Sisters. Johnny lends his sweaty charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent ... for a sound that is naughty, youthful, and would probably sound a whole lot better at 2am after a few drinks."

-TheatreMania on Johnny Darlin: In the Closet, New York Fringe Festival 2016


"Full of 80s angst; I couldn't help but imagine Molly Ringwald yelling at another Brat pack member for breaking her Pretty In Pink heart."

- 50Thirdand3rd on Hump Daze EP


"Clubby, edgy, and pop-embracive. If you get the chance to see him live, he is quite the showman!"

- Homoground, live review of Johnny Darlin at The Bowery Electric