Johnny Darlin is the alter-ego of Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and pop musician Michael Doshier. Growing up queer in the conservative suburbs of Arkansas, Michael took refuge in expressing his feelings through his writing, singing, and piano. This manifested itself in performances in local bands, musical productions, and church choirs. 

He moved to New York at eighteen with a handful of songs, and immediately started ironing out solo material which would form the foundation of Johnny Darlin. With the creation of Johnny Darlin, he has been relentlessly performing in New York and Brooklyn’s underground rock, theatre, and burlesque scenes. Armed with his famous keytar, Keeley, as his companion, Johnny has created and performed his original cabarets Johnny Darlin: In the Closet and Johnny Darlin: Songs About Boys in the New York Fringe Festival 2016, the Prague Fringe Festivals of 2017 and 2018, the New York FRIGID Queerly Festival 2018, and recent MajorStage showcases. These residencies were often sold out and all three received critical acclaim.

Johnny’s music reckons with reconciling spirituality and sexuality, the difficulty of cementing a sense of self-acceptance, and finding love and beauty in the world along the way.