Johnny Darlin

Johnny Darlin:
In The Closet

"A pure joy! I dare you to try getting 'Cubicle Get Down' out of your head afterward!" - StageBuddy

"Darlin’s pacing is seamless, his music is thoroughly sharp and fantastical, and his story is excellently balanced in all its forms. The artists grapple with many mediums throughout this show and execute them all tremendously. Each individual element operates beautifully as its own piece, but when together, they inform and challenge the surface interpretation of the individual. Before Johnny Darlin, I have not seen another performer so successfully claim queerness as subversive power. Here, queerness is strength and it is beautiful. It’s not a choice to make, but now it is a choice I would make. This story belongs to so many more than just Darlin—something made clear by the collaborative creative team—and it is my sincere hope that it will be shared with as much of the Fringe audience as possible." - Theatre is Easy

"A riff on Hedwig with a Southern Baptist bent." - GayCity News

"So full of 80s angst that when listening to "Permanent Marker" I couldn't help but imagine Molly Ringwald yelling at another Brat Pack member for breaking her pretty in pink heart." -50Thirdand3rd

"Clubby, edgy, and pop embracive. If you get a chance to see him live, I encourage you to do it. He is quite the showman." - Homoground

A multi-media, electro-pop, arena-style concert performed as part of
The New York Fringe Festival
August 12-28, 2016

Johnny Darlin Live at The Bowery Electric

Johnny Darlin Live at The Bowery Electric